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Current Buyer Analysis Europe


A crisis in Spain’s economy and overbuilding has dramatically reduced domestic investment opportunities Spaniards want to invest in a stable market with assets containing a strong growth potential while also being a safe haven for their money.




The Italian economy suffers from exaggerated public debt. The recent repatriation of untaxed assets held abroad has helped stimulate a desire among Italian investor groups to diversify holdings overseas.  The Italian investor is attracted to the luxury lifestyle opportunities that South Florida properties offer, particularly those branded with familiar names like the W or Setai.



Extremely familiar with the Sunny Isles area, they are always eager to invest in the “best in class”. Language barriers are fewer in this region and white beaches are touted throughout Moscow as the best in the world. Russians utilize South Florida as both escape and safe haven. They are also heavily affected in their purchasing decisions related to luxury and fashionable brands.